Tempus Fugit!

For those who forgot their Latin: Time Flies!

By Sr. Mary Anne Katlack

Former Principal of EOCH

Spring 2012

IT HARDLY SEEMS AS IF FIFTEEN YEARS HAVE PASSED since our first EOCH All-School Reunion. There are so many reasons to be grateful for the memories that cause us to reflect on our past and that bring us to the present. The foundation of the EOCH Alumnae Association goes back to 1997 (the year that Sister Anne Curley passed away). It was at Sister’s time-flies-janus-250x159wake that EOCH faculty and graduates talked about the idea of planning an opportunity for the alumnae of “getting together.” Sister Eileen Bradshaw and I talked about ways in which we might be able to bring this about. We had a preliminary meeting with Sisters Francis Joannes, Virginia Thomas, and Joseph Marie. After some brainstorming, it was decided to have a meeting with some of the EOCH graduates who were involved in that conversation. Among these women were Sister Alice Neef, Mary Anne Martin Birch and Janice Martin. Names of other graduates surfaced and another meeting was scheduled. An idea was brewing about having an All-School Reunion. The planning for this involved 100 graduates who formed the various committees.

The decision to honor Mr. Yates was unanimous because during his tenure at EOCH his involvement with the Glee Club and his role as director of the annual school musical had a tremendous impact on the lives of so many of our young women. The women who volunteered to be the Class Representatives had a mammoth task and, with the help of Sister Sheila Holleran and the staff of the Sisters of Charity Development Office, were able to generate class directories. Thus began the annual All-Class reunion.

During the first years, the EOCH Alumnae Association honored the former principals and several faculty members. Over the years, a decision was Rob Mabli - sisters-of-charity-155-153made to honor our graduates. Through the newsletter, all were invited to nominate a potential recipient of the Caritas Award. After Sister Eileen’s death, it was decided to name this award The Sister Eileen Bradshaw Caritas Award. You can imagine how difficult it is to single out one person because all of you – our graduates – deserve to receive honors… women who can accomplish anything they set their hearts and minds to accomplish.

It is our belief that we have a responsibility to provide an education for those who cannot afford to attend a Catholic school. This is our legacy. This is what our scholarship fund attempts to accomplish and our Alumnae Board deserves so much credit for establishing this scholarship fund. So many of you have been very generous in helping the fund to grow and during this past year you gave scholarships worth $2,500 to each of these schools whose history is associated with the Sisters of Charity: Marylawn of the Oranges, Saint Vincent Academy, Immaculate Conception, Montclair, and Mother Seton Regional High School in Clark.

The women who have served on the Board of Directors of the EOCH Alumnae Association over these years have been and are outstanding in their energy as well as their commitment in serving in their various capacities. They are leaders and “movers and shakers.” We owe them a very great debt of gratitude.

Congratulations, EOCH ALUMS!!!